Chase Versus Other Banks

Due to the state of economy today that is not so stable, finding for a bank where you can open an account seems a difficult task. You can find several banks which offer a free checking of accounts and together with some added services. Chase bank is a large bank in United States which is trusted by individual and big companies. There are reasons why people choose this bank. To know the reasons, you have to compare this bank to the other banks in USA. You can visit their site, Check out this article and read how Chase is different and better than other large and old banks.

What other banks offer to people?

There are banks that offer a minimum of $50 as initial deposit when opening an account. There are also accounts which do not require a maintaining balance or fee and checking is free. But beware of those free accounts because sometimes they exclude the maintenance fees. Many of the banks now have their free online banking that you could pay bills through this service.

What Chase bank offers to people?

Another large bank in United states that offers a free checking of your account. The Chase only requires a minimum of $25 as initial deposits when opening an account. They do not require you to have pay monthly maintenance if you have made at least five ATM transactions within thirty days or you have used their direct deposit services. Chase offers free withdrawal to all Chase Bank ATM but will charge you $2 when withdrawing to other banks. In case your card was used in an unauthorized way, the bank will refund your money into your account.

These are the comparison between other banks and Chase. All you need is go to their website,, and find out more details.

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