How to Seek Offender’s Parole Release Date?

Information such as parole release date is eventually open to the public in Texas. Those who wanted to know any information regarding the prisoners in Texas are open to inquire in TDCJ. Just make sure you have the right info regarding the prisoner to help in inquiry. What are these details you should be aware first and how to access parole release date?image2

Prisoner’s Info You Should Know
a. The offender’s Texas Department of Criminal Justice number.
b. The State Identification Number (SID)
c. Birthday of the prisoner


Steps You Should Follow:
1. For the TDCJ site, it comes with an Offender Online Search service. You could use it to collect the info you wanted. The data may include the TDCJ number, area of the prisoner, found guilty place, records of criminals, free mug shots and the recommended release date.
2. Detail sfor the parole release date can be given on the phone. You’ll be able to call two hotlines. Simply pick if you should call the Offender Locator/General Information Line or the Offender Parole Status Line. The latter one, you need to have the offender’s State Identification Number or maybe the TDCJ number. With the previous one, identifying the actual date of birth can be adequate for them just in case you don’t find out the SID and TDCJ.
3. Email is also another type of having the parole date. Basically email them through classify@tdcj.state.tx. Ensure you supply the complete name, TDCJ number and the birth date of the perpetrator. Estimate age and conviction state can even be approved.
4. Huntsville in Texas also has the details concerning the setting of offender and release date status. Basically call up the number (512) 406-5202. With the review of parole status, you could telephone the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Huntsville. The phone number is (936) 291-2106.

Just visit now the TDCJ for a free offender search online.


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