How to Use Corrlinks for Inmate and You?

CorrLinks program is one of the email services used by Federal of Prisons so inmates can get a chance to communicate with their family or friends outside. The system will only cost 0.05$ per minute. When you are ready to subscribe just go to CorrLinks sign up page. You can now email with them anytime you want with the minimal cost and even in the fastest way.image


How does the program work?

  1. The emails you might open in your CorrLinks inbox will have the particular identification code you received over the invitation email via the system. The code will generally compose of letters. Ensure that what email address you select on application is the exact same email address the request was sent.
  2. The system will deliver you an invitation along with the federal inmate name to inform you he or she likes to place you on the contact list. You will have the choice to approve or reject it. But in the event you agree to, you will register having an email address and the code you acquired. This code will end 10 days soon after the day it was delivered. The inmate will promptly choose a message to inform that you acknowledged the invitation.
  3. To sign up, only visit the program website at It is important to ready the identification code and email address to enroll. Creating a password should be essential. Password will need to feature letters and numbers since it won’t be easy to figure out. After signing up, you can expect to wait 20 to 40 minutes for the validation of your application.
  4. Any time you get email in your CorrLinks account and then have established a message alert, this program will alert you on your email provided. All messages may go through monitoring and would take 1 hour before you acquire the message.

You have to create your own account now and follow the instructions above.

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