Registration in Securitas ePay

Securitas epay solves every company’s problem when it comes to payroll process. The system is both beneficial to employers and employees. That is why both should also sign up for their own account. How to sign up?PaydaySig

  • When you need to create an account within the commercial verifier, just simply go to the Securitas pay login page.
  • If you ever need to get your account, simply click the Login In web link. You’ll see a window that pops-out and have you to enter your personal Social Security number to divert you on your very own web site.
  • But in case you’re new to the product, you should set up an account your own personal social security number initially to get an internet-based account.
  • To start with the steps key in initially your desired login name and next click on the “Continue” option.
  • You also have to key in your personal password or PIN. You can make your own one and afterwards press “Log In”.
  • The next web site, you may be shown with the overview of the registration. Remember to look at page properly and simply press “Continue” after you are finished.
  • You can have the alternatives for the computer to note the data you typed in the application or not. Should you use a private device, it is easy to just click “Yes” in case not, click on ‘No” and then the “Continue” tab.
  • Select also what security picture you want and once again select “Continue”.
  • Present the solution to the question you have selected. Just click “Continue” link once you take into consideration finish the procedure. Only enhance your email address and also phone numbers.
  • As soon as you are completed, evaluate every detail you have placed. Those who are satisfied, click the “Complete” key for your details to be filed and turn registered officially.

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