Review About Kik Messenger

Chat apps like Kik messenger is widely used now with the integration of internet. Kik messenger is usually used as means to communicate to your friends, family and loved ones, especially that this app offers lots of features. Only when you obtain your own Kik login account. Using this application does not only give advantages but as well as disadvantages. Here is a review for the Kik users to know about this application.


  1. Kik can also be downloaded to any platforms. Not only for mobile users but Kik can be downloaded in Windows and Mac platforms. Once downloaded, you can also enjoy the features offered the same with the mobile platform features.
  2. The first advantage of using Kik is that it connects people wherever they are located. For example a circle of friends, they can easily send some messages without face to face interaction. If the message is important, it can be spread to all immediately.
  3. You can also speak to multiple of people because this application features creating virtual conference and adding people into it. They can easily share ideas and talk to one another.
  4. Kik messenger allows you to send unlimited text to anyone without worrying about the huge bill every month. This is a free feature to use to all Kik users.


  1. There is also an issue in security risk. It also requires responsibility when using the app, especially when talking to someone you don’t know. This could pose a danger to the user.
  2. Even though communication to everyone is easier. 0ne of the disadvantage of using mobile communication is they take away the personal experience of talking to a person face to face. You can’t get the real emotion of the person you are talking.

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